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Domain Registration + web hosting + vpn


Domains: $8.88

Hosting: $2.88/month

VPN: $5.88/month

Overall Score

Namecheap brings you a 3-in-1 deal allowing you to get domain registration, web hosting and VPN services in-house. Namecheap offer very powerful and flexible services and have industry-renowned low prices. Namecheap could be the solution to all your domain registration, web hosting and VPN needs. We can assure you that our customer journey at Namecheap has been nothing short of amazing. Namecheap offer world-class customer services and have numerous integrations with various payment systems. It is one of the companies where it is very easy to pay for the services you need, making the whole process nothing of a hussle. 

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Domain registration + Web Hosting


Domains: $7.99

Hosting: $2.59/month

Overall Score

Dreamhost is another company that offers reliable and relatively well priced domain names and web hosting. Dreamhost do a wonderful job of allowing you to integrate your domains with their hosting in a way that allows you to have your web assets in-house. Dreamhost have excellent support and allow you some time to come up with payments could there be a delay. They are humane and understand that individuals and businesses may be going through certain difficulties and may not be able to pay for hosting on the set date. We stage our websites on Dreamhost and have enjoyed their wonderful service and capabilities.

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web hosting (Cloud)


PRICE: PAYG (Pay as you go)

Overall Score

Cloudways brings a whole new perspective to web hosting. They do not offer c-panel hosting like the other web hosting companies. Instead, they offer cloud hosting which is more powerful, very scalable and flexible. Cloudways hosting is provided by well-known cloud hosting providers such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use Cloudways hosting for our eight blogs and are satisfied with the level of speed and performance we are getting.

Mind you, Cloudways are not as flexible as Dreamhost in terms of payment. Delays in payments without notifying them could lead to your servers being switched off and even deleted. The reason for this is that they offer servers from other companies (mentioned above) and they also want to prevent abuse of their services. Despite this, Cloudways offers extensive features and one can open as many servers as they want and host numerous applications including WordPress and Magento applications, among many others. Cloudways also allow for team collaborations which can be a lifesaver for businesses that require collaborative management of web applications. Read our Cloudways Review for more.

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PRICE: $59 for 1-Year Plan & $89 for 2-Year Plan

Overall Score

NordVPN is the best VPN service in existence today. Nord have extensive experience providing VPN services and online security services as a whole. The company prides itself in its reliability, ease of use, stellar customer service, and a suite of powerful capabilities. An excellent example of what Nord can do is allow you to view shows that are blocked via geography. NordVPN do a stellar job of protecting your online prescence and ensuring industry-best online security. Their services are essential for anyone who spends a lot of time on the internet. A VPN is essential to protect your passwords, the discoverability of your IP address, and to hide your browsing history. A VPN is also essential to protect your privacy online and avoid the tapping of your internet connection.