Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SIMREX X11
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SNAPTAIN SP700
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – EACHINE E520S
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  1. Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro
  2. Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SIMREX X11
  3. Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SNAPTAIN SP700
  4. Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – EACHINE E520S
  5. DJI FPV
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Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – EACHINE E520S

  • Ease of Control
  • Camera Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Smartphone App
  • Angle of Field of View
  • Flying Time
2.7/5Overall Score

Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 PinDrones are fun to fly around as a hobby or for work. They can be awesome toys or utilities for aerial photography making them an integral part of the awesome things you can do with technology today, especially when it comes to photography. Unfortunately, the price range of an industry-standard impressive drone is around $1000, making it difficult for the average consumer to buy. Even so, there are numerous players in the drone production industry, which means that you can get a drone for $200 or less. A $200 drone is a good thing from an economic perspective. Still, it would be best if you do not have high expectations for product quality, flying range, battery capacity, and even the quality of the camera. Let us delve in and discover the Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200.

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  • Camera Quality: 1080p HD
  • Flying Time: 16 minutes
  • Angle of Field of View: 120⁰
  • Easy to Control: Yes
  • Build Quality : Average
  • Smartphone App: Yes
  • 16 Minutes Flying Time
  • Easy to Operate
  • 120⁰ Field of View
  • Good Camera Quality
  • Flimsy Build
  • Smartphone App Mishaps

The EACHINE E520S GPS Drone with a 4K Camera

The Eachine E520S is a satisfactory drone with GPS and the ability to trail back to the owner. According to the company, users can set the drone to fly within a locked range and configured it to trail them. The Eachine is satisfactory even as some users cite it to be difficult to use. It is one of the best drones with cameras for under $200. There have, however, been negative reviews about the product, especially when it comes to its controllability. Check prices on Amazon here.


The Eachine E520S has the following strongpoints.

  • 16-minutes flying time. 16 minutes isn’t at all impressive, but it is good enough for the price range.
  • The drone is easy to operate. For someone with experience with drones, the Eachine E520S is easy to operate. For beginners, however, operating the drone could turn out to be a headache.
  • It has a 120-degree field of view (FOV). A 120-degree FOV is good and would ensure that you have a clear view of the drone’s surroundings while piloting it. This will come in handy to avoid collisions with obstacles and ensure that you can get at least wide-angle footage.
  • The drone has a 4K HD or high-resolution camera. For a drone priced at under $200, I wouldn’t take their word for it. Expect a 1080p camera to avoid disappointment.


The Eachine E520S has the following flaws.

  • A flimsy build. The biggest con for the Eachine E520S is its flimsy build. A drone is only as good as its build. Otherwise, you could have an expensive drone that will crash and get ruined. To protect your money and to avoid disappointment, get a more expensive drone. However, if you are willing to risk the flimsy build or are on a budget, you can consider a drone that does not have great build quality.
  • Smartphone app mishaps. The smartphone app that is used to operate the Eachine E520S has been seen to have a lot of mishaps. A below-average app means that while flying the drone using your phone, you will have a much lower quality user experience. This could also lead to obstacle collisions and ultimately ruin your drone because it already has a flimsy build.
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – EACHINE E520S

SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro 2.7K Drone with Camera

The SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro is the second option for the best drones under $200. The company says that the drone comes with a 2.7K camera, a 120-degree field of view, and 12 minutes of flying time on a single battery charge. The SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro is an average drone that comes with limited flying time and smartphone app issues. It is, however, an option to consider when looking for the best drones with cameras for under $200. Check prices on Amazon here.


The SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro has the following strongpoints.

  • Easy to operate. The SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro is relatively easy to operate. Unlike most drones for under $200, the SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro can be expected not to disappoint when it comes to operability and ease of flying it. This advantage also makes it a good drone for children and a fun drone to buy for a kid.
  • Numerous control options. The SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro has numerous options for controlling it, including via app or using a remote. This makes it easier to operate and allows flexibility if one control option is not working or its remote gets damaged. Note, however, that it may not come with all the features stipulated even as the company may provide replacement blades and two batteries.
  • A 120⁰ lens that improves the drone’s field of view. The SNAPTAIN SP650 has a good camera, and that comes coupled with a 120-degree FOV. This makes it a better drone than the others in terms of actual camera specifications.
  • A 2.7K resolution camera. The SNAPTAIN SP650 comes with a 2.7K camera, ensuring that you will get clear footage. The camera is good enough for aerial photography, and despite the drone’s shortcomings, if you can fly it well, it can be useful for aerial shots.


The SNAPTAIN SP650 has the following lowpoints.

  • Relatively short flight time. The SNAPTAIN SP650 only flies for 12 minutes on a single battery charge, meaning that if you need a drone for lengthier projects or to have more fun for every charge, it could disappoint you. Even so, the drone comes with two batteries, and some buyers have even said that it comes with two chargers. As such, you can easily get 24 minutes of flight time using two batteries.
  • Operability issues. Some buyers have cited issues with operating the SNAPTAIN SP650. One buyer even said that it flew away and never came back. The SNAPTAIN SP650 has issues with calibration also, and it can be difficult to get it to do what you want.
  • The smartphone app could be better. The smartphone app used to control the SNAPTAIN SP650 is well below average and could pose issues.
  • Flawed instructions. The instruction manual that comes with the drone is flawed and could be difficult to read and understand.
  • Feature mishaps. The drone may also miss some of the features alleged by the company and could also have features that do not work or are wrongly calibrated or placed.
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SNAPTAIN SP650 Pro

The SIMREX X11 Upgraded GPS Drone with 1080P HD Camera

The SIMREX X11 is a contender for the best drones with cameras for under $200 and comes with more realistic features and specifications for the under $200 price. It is only disadvantaged because it comes with small components that could be harmful as a choking hazard. Check prices on Amazon here.


The following are the strongpoints of the SIMREX X11.

  • 22 minutes flying time. Compared to other drones priced at $200 or lower, the SIMREX X11 has a relatively longer flying time of 22 minutes. This makes it advantageous as an option because it will stay in the air longer, and you will not need to recharge the battery ever so often.
  • Good flying range. The SIMREX X11 also has a good flying range of up to 500 meters. Realistically, it will only fly further as compared to the other under $200 drones but may not get to 500 meters. This makes it a good option for close aerial shots.
  • A 180-degree field of view. The SIMREX X11’s field of view is touted as 180 degrees, making it a better drone as a wider FOV would mean wider angle shots.
  • Follow-me feature. The SIMREX X11 comes with a follow-me feature that makes it easier to use. The drone will follow its pilot. It even has a feature where it will automatically fly back to the pilot when its battery is low.
  • Dual control modes. The drone can be controlled using a remote or a smartphone. This gives the user an option to interchange control methods.


The following are the SIMREX X11‘s lowpoints.

  • Tiny components. The drone comes with tiny components that could pose a choking hazard to kids.
  • Flawed documentation. The SIMREX X11’s documentation is flawed and not clear on how to operate the drone or install the propeller protectors.
  • Flawed battery performance. The drone’s batteries do not work as well as stipulated by the company, and one may need to purchase a second battery.
  • A 1080p camera. The drone’s camera is only 1080p and users in the market for a better drone camera may be disappointed.
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SIMREX X11

The SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor

The SNAPTAIN SP700 is another contender for the best drones with cameras for under $200. The drone comes with its flaws and requires that you read the instructions manual carefully before operating it. It may feel inexpensive but that is expected as it is priced under $200. Check prices on Amazon here.


The following are the strongpoints of the SNAPTAIN SP700.

  • Beginner-friendly. The SNAPTAIN SP700 is easy to operate, making it user-friendly for beginners just starting out in flying a drone.
  • Modular battery. The SNAPTAIN SP700’s battery is modular, making it perform better than the batteries in other drones priced under $200.
  • Return-to-Home feature. The SNAPTAIN SP700 has a return-to-home feature that makes it difficult to lose. This means that even kids can use it easily and not risk losing the drone.
  • A 2K High Definition Camera. The drone comes with a 2K HD camera that makes it a better drone than the others under $200 due to its camera quality. It will capture higher resolution images and can be good for aerial photography.


The SNAPTAIN SP700 has the following lowpoints.

  • Average build quality. The build quality of the SNAPTAIN SP700 is wanting, making the product feel unexpensive. This also poses the risk that on crashing, the drone could be damaged.
  • Poor landing gear. The SNAPTAIN SP700 has no rubber paddings meaning that it lands poorly. There is also the risk of damaging it by landing it too fast.
  • Below average camera quality. For a 2K camera drone, the SNAPTAIN SP700’s camera can do an even better job.
Best Drones with Cameras for Under $200 – SNAPTAIN SP700

What is the Best Drone Under $200?

According to our analysis, the EACHINE E520S GPS Drone with a 4K Camera is the best drone with a camera for under $200. It is satisfactory and better than the other drones we have looked at. It can also be folded, making it easier to package. The camera quality is also good enough despite it not actually being 4K as the company states. Therefore, expect an HD camera with a 120-degree field of view. The Eachine E520S is also easy to operate. On the other hand, it has flaws like poor app functionality and a flimsy build. Overall, it is better than the other best drones with cameras for under $200. Get it here.

Are Cheap Camera Drones Any Good?

The honest answer is no. For drones, the higher the price, the better the quality. It is better to wait and buy a more reliable and well-performing drone than to buy a drone for under $200 and end up getting disappointed and wanting to return it. Most drones in the $200 price point also come with support and warranty issues, and returning such a product could mean a headache. For a really well-performing drone, check out the DJI FPV drone.


The DJI FPV is arguably the best drone in the market right now. FPV stands for flying first-person view. The DJI FPV has a good build quality and will not get ruined when you crash it. Its also designed for drone racing, meaning that it is fast and has greater maneuverability. It also has a 4K camera and comes with a headset and motion-sensing jockey stick. Get the new DJI FPV here. Ultimately, it is not one of the best drones with cameras for under $200 but simply the best drone with a camera in the market.

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